tmc's events are a showcase of our diversity!

TMC is the bridge for Gold Coast people to make new friends, enjoy social connections and celebrate diversity. Our community kitchen is a great space for members and clients to cook and share global cuisines. Our annual events include Australia Day, 0101 Birthday, Harmony Day, Kaleidoscope Festival, Queensland Mental Health Week, Seniors Week, Queensland Women’s Week, Youth Week, Multifaith lunch, Friendship Day and much more.

our events

Kaleidoscope 2021

Experience the rich and diverse cultures of the Gold Coast. This annual event showcases the best in dance and cultural displays. 

Soups on Scarbourough

A great chance to taste the flavours of the world and meet new friends.

Australia Day

On Australia Day (26 January) we reflect on what it means to be Australian. We celebrate all the things we love about our country—our home, our history and our people.

Queensland Women's Week

Queensland Women’s Week recognises and celebrates the achievements of Queensland’s women and girls.

Seniors Active and connected

This initiative aims at increasing the confidence, skills and online safety of older Australians in using digital technology