About Us

"UNity in diversity - equal opportunity for all"

The Migrant Centre Organisation Inc. (TMC) is a not-for-profit community-based organisation incorporated in March 2001. It is governed by a volunteer management committee, managed by a small professional team with the help of volunteers who come from all walks of life. The organisation promotes the benefits of multiculturalism, differences of opinion, and the contribution of all migrant communities. TMC strongly believes in the value that migrants bring to Australian society through the sharing of culture, language and religion.

TMC has no political allegiance. It aims to serve all “battlers” in the community and assists them to achieve their goals and potential.

The Migrant Centre Organisation Inc.’s vision is ‘Unity in Diversity – Equal Opportunity for All’.

TMC is funded by the Australian Government to provide services and assistance with settlement of newly-arrived migrants and employment. The Centre enjoys the confidence of the community and its members through membership fees, donations and sponsorships. All donations and gifts to The Migrant Centre Organisation Inc. are fully tax deductible. TMC has ATO endorsements as a benevolent and charitable institution (Deductible Gift Receipient endorsement 2001).

Our objectives

1. Support and advocate for the improved economic, social and cultural opportunities of people from all cultural backgrounds residing in Australia.

2. Facilitate civic and community participation and skills building of migrants in Australia.

3. Create strategies towards settlement, social inclusion and sustainable employment.

4. Promote and enhance the benefits of multiculturalism and productive diversity. 

Any people from diverse backgrounds form the backbone of a beautiful, prosperous and strong community!

"Thank you Indira and Mok for all your support throughout my studies. I was really happy to get the job I wanted after completing my Certificate III."
Glenny Soedira
SQW participant