TMC Services

TMC has over 20 years helping the Gold Coast CALD communities thrive. We advocate for diversity, equality and social inclusion.

the things we do best


Settlement Engagement, Transition Support Program.

Training and Employment

WorkAble Community Training Program.
TMC Job Links.
Job Search Training.
Small Business Bureau.


Community Events.

We Speak your Language

Translation Services.
Volunteer Interpreters.


Elder Abuse Support.
NDIS Support.
Seniors Active and Connected.


Youth Connexion.
Driving Safely on the Gold Coast.
TMC Sport Groups.
Rap after Dark Sessions.

Domestic and Family Violence Support

Community Conversations - Healing Hearts.
Family Mediation and Referrals.

Mental Health

Art Therapy.
Women's circle
TMC Men's Club

OUr organisation is a collective of amazing people striving to build a more inclusive community.