Successful settlement here at The Migrant Centre ensures that all new arrivals and “battlers” are able to benefit from equitable access to programs, services and aid regardless of their cultural or linguistic background. Multiculturalism in Australia has opened our social parameters. We understand each individual case will differ in circumstances and we will work with you in finding a settlement plan that works best for you.
The Migrant Centre is a preferred provider for Settlement Services Program, funded by Department of Social Services. Our program will guide you step-by-step towards the right decisions for your settlement, for example:

– Orientation to Australia

– Youth settlement and mentoring

– Cross-cultural awareness

– Participating in the community

– Life skills development

We invest time and resources into our case management. By working together we can make your goal-setting and life planning a reality when settling on the Gold Coast. For further information please check our ‘Services’ page on Education, Employment, Government, Community and Medical.